Kenyan High Commission meets organizers of African Monologue Challenge ahead of final event

From Left: Mr Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, Mr Mawuko Kuadzi, Mr Samson Koech, Miss Ann Wambui

In a bid to promote the African culture and showcase the talents of young Africans, the organizers of the Africa Monologue Challenge, a platform designed to empower African youth through storytelling and creative expression, were invited by the Kenyan High Commission to discuss the Monologue Challenge and possible support for the finalists representing Kenya.

The meeting, which was held on Friday, March 10, 2023, at the Kenyan High Commission, was attended by Mr Samson Koech, the Deputy Head of Mission, Miss Ann Wambui, a Foreign Service Officer, Mawuko Kuadzi, CEO of Mk Casting, and Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, the Executive Director of the African Chamber of Content Producers. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the Africa Monologue Challenge and ways in which the Kenyan government can support the two finalists representing Kenya.

During the meeting, the organizers requested for home support and air tickets to fly the two finalists to Ghana for the final events on May 27th. The Kenyan High Commission promised to rally home support for the finalists and assured the organizers that they will discuss the flight arrangements with the government to see the extent of support the government can provide.

The two Kenyan finalists are Ms Stycie Waweru; a thirteen-year-old Kenyan Actor, Voice Artist and TV Host. She was born and brought up in a small village in Central Kenya. Her acting bug did not hit her until she played JO’ the lead character in the award-winning film Supa Modo which aired on Netflix. The other finalist from Kenya is Nyokabi Macharia; a Kenyan actress, singer and director based in Nairobi, Kenya. Nyokabi trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama pursuing her MA in Musical Theatre. She has performed at the Kenya National Theatre, the New Victory Theatre in New York, Club Silly and Theatre 503 both in London. The two Kenyan finalists will compete with eight other finalists from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. The grand finale will take place in Accra on May 27th, where a panel of expert judges will select the winner.

Mr Koech congratulated the finalists and expressed his confidence in their abilities. He said that Kenya is proud of its creative industry and its contribution to promoting African culture and values. “We are proud of the finalists and are ready to do anything possible to rally home support for them during the public voting. I believe the Kenyan people are a very supportive people and will definitely go online in their numbers to vote for these finalists. We will talk to the necessary government agencies and institutions in Kenya to try and secure some funding for their travel expenses”, he disclosed.

From Left: Mawuko Kuadzi, Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, Samson Koech, Ann Wambui

On her part, Miss Ann Wambui revealed that she knows the two finalists are doing well in the film industry in Kenya and promised that the High Commission will reach out to them to see ways they can assist them.

The Africa Monologue Challenge aims to provide a platform for African youth to showcase their talent and promote unity in the continent. The competition involves participants from various African countries and the diaspora delivering monologues on different themes, such as culture, unity, and identity.

The organizers, Mr Mawuko Kuadzi, CEO of MK Casting, and Mr Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin, Executive Director of Africa Chamber of Content Producers, thanked the High Commission for their interest and support. They also briefed them on the objectives and benefits of the challenge.

According to Mr Kuadzi, the challenge is designed to match the standard of performances in Hollywood with existing or emerging African talents and position them strategically for global roles. He said that over 400 actors and actresses from across Africa and the diaspora submitted their monologues for the challenge. “Just as countries invest so much money in their national football teams, we believe it’s time such support is extended to participants representing countries in creative competitions, as a way of selling the country and encouraging the growth of the African Arts and culture” he lamented. 

The organizers of the challenge also discussed how the Monologue challenge can be used to unite Africa and change the negative narratives that exist in the continent. They stressed the importance of promoting African culture and creating a positive image of the continent.

Mr Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin said that he hopes that projects like the Africa Monologue Challenge can change the narrative of Africa by telling positive stories about its people and potential. He also said that he hopes that more African countries will join hands to support such initiatives. “The Chamber plans to use the ten finalists to produce a Pan-African Afrofuturism film that will explore alternative positive narratives about Africa, and we expect the business community in Africa to rally support for such initiatives. Africa has a chance of telling its stories, controlling its narratives, and of positioning more of its people to be part of global narratives. We must not miss such a great opportunity” he stressed.

The meeting between the Kenyan High Commission and the organizers of the Africa Monologue Challenge was a positive step towards promoting African culture and showcasing the talents of African youth. The support provided by the Kenyan government will go a long way in empowering the finalists representing Kenya and promoting unity in the continent. The Africa Monologue Challenge is set to hold its final event on May 27th in Ghana, and the finalists are expected to deliver outstanding performances.

The Africa Monologue Challenge is an Initiative of MK Casting in collaboration with the African Chamber of Content Producers and the National Film Authority of Ghana.